Charlo Maurer

Peace of Money

Peace of Money was formed in 1999 as an independent fee-only* financial planning business in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Charlo Maurer started the firm with the goal of helping people with their financial concerns, truly hoping to bring clients greater peace of mind regarding their money.

Vera Kelsey-Watts

Vera Kelsey-Watts

Clients often come initially because of a particular triggering event, inheriting money, getting married or having a  baby, approaching retirement, divorce, employment changes, a child going to college or home buying.   Financial planning is a process of integrating and prioritizing your financial goals.  In order to know how much house one can buy, you need to know how much you are spending per month.  In order to invest an inheritance, you need to plan around short term and long term goals that these funds can support.  It is important to pay down student loans, but that must be balanced with savings goals as well.  After the initial planning is completed, typically two to four appointments, clients may then return for more planning in future years as circumstances change in their lives or to review investment portfolios and retirement plans.

Retirement planning is critical for everyone and is a focus of planning with clients of all ages, ensuring that younger people are starting to save, that those in middle age are establishing a retirement plan, and that those in retirement are well set with a nest egg and an income stream that will support them throughout their life time.  Given the guidance and support of an experienced advisor, clients will improve their financial health with easy step by step planning.

Asset management services are offered to those clients who desire ongoing comprehensive planning and portfolio management.

Fee Only

*Fee-only means that the firm takes no commissions, referral fess, or reimbursements other than the client fees, thus providing clients with objective advice.

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